Politica transversal

Politica transversal


Transversal Public Policy: housing, occupation, social services


ATRI wants to become a tool to promote the construction of sustainable housing, create better planned urban environments, promote a better quality of life in neighborhoods and promote the economy of small hands through public procurement.

ATRI can also be seen as an opportunity for different levels of government to reinforce its catalog of services and generate better links and shared interests with citizens. A pilot project that is born with the vocation to articulate areas and departments and to make effective the transversality in the social, industrial and housing policies, and that therefore requires a coordinated implementation.

For example, Barcelona Activa (public business incubator) can play an active role in defining the terms of tenders for lots and in training the self-employed and small and medium-sized enterprises on how to present themselves. The businessmen and freelancers would see Barcelona Activa as a training and orientation space (current services) and, above all, as the door to be able to win concrete public tenders. Even so, Social Services of Barcelona City Council could incorporate the fact of the ATRI housing as a space where to develop its current catalog of services.