WikiHousing Barcelona

WikiHousing is a solution for youth housing that has won the BIT Habitat Proactive City 2021 call. A one-year adventure that will culminate with the self-construction and co-management of a real prototype of affordable and ecological housing. A commitment to certified training, innovation in sustainable architecture and the dissemination of knowledge.

WikiHousing Barcelona wins BITHabitat's Ciutat Proactiva call for proposals

WikiHousing Barcelona, a project of specific application of the ATRI philosophy, has won along with ten other projects the call Ciutat Proactiva of BITHábitat. The team formed by Straddle3 and the collectives Societat Orgànica and La Hidra Cooperativa has been selected to develop WikiHousing Barcelona.

On November 12th, the presentation of all the winning projects of the contest took place during an event held in the framework of the Barcelona Innova Week.



We are very proud and glad to receive this important award. We celebrate this great occasion again with Eulia ArkitekturaYaiza Terré, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Constecnia and Societat Orgànica!


Rehabilitation and expansion of a pilot building for sustainable public housing. Av. Capuchinos 32, Castellón.

«The word "Conlloga" is a reference to a native term in the north of the Valencian Community that had been known almost disused and used to designate a group of people with common interests and solidarity, which also means friendly company or sympathy tie. »

(Conlloga Muixeranga de Castelló) 



Implementation of ATRI system in Poblenou

We have participated in the preparation and coordination of the Feasibility Study for the implementation of the ATRI system on the rise of private buildings with affordable housing in the Poblenou area, completed in July 2020 and commissioned by the Municipal Institute of Housing and Rehabilitation (IMHAB) and the Department of Housing of the Barcelona City Council.

An opportunity for the city.


Windows of opportunity