IDYS Archive


The IDYS Archive is presented as a new line of work directed towards collaborative practices and non-formal learning environments, participatory processes, cultural practices and / or activists, pedagogical processes, non-formal learning experiences.

It follows a series of main lines of research and work that are related to the context and interests of IDYS (citizen management infrastructures, non-formal learning experiences, collaborative artistic practices and activism, unionism and grassroots movements.)

On July 15 and 16 some panels were exhibited about our Guide for the Masoveria Urbana applied in the Eixample district of Barcelona in the sample #Anarchivo from IDYSmad, at Street Manuel Laguna, 19.

The work carried out to adapt the methodologies for the implementation of the masoveria model to the city of Madrid was also presented, taking into account the adequacy with the legal regime of the territory.